HONEYCOMB Light Sculpture Hand sculpted paper and wire Honeycomb Light Sculptures, transcend the typical functions of interior lighting, exploring ideas related to material, organic form, and the enigmatic qualities of light.
Patrick Weder
810 Humboldt Street
Brooklyn New York 11222
+1 347 227 8600

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PATRICK WEDER STUDIO is based in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York. We are currently represented by the following Galleries:

COUP D'ETAT San Francisco

111 Rhode Island Street, San Francisco, California 94103

Tel. 415-241-9300

COUP D'ETAT Los Angeles

100 N. Robertson Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90048

Tel. 323-825-5880


200 Lexington Ave, Suite #1601, New York 10016

Tel. 212-352-9615


200 Lexington Ave, Suite #413, New York 10016

Tel. 215-923-7030